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We've got professional scanners at ScanHouse

ScanHouse was started in Vancouver by Alex Shelestov in 2010 as a way to advance the circulation of documents beyond mere copying or printing. Alex is the Director of Technology at ScanHouse.

Alex has an extensive background in the printing industry. His deep knowledge and experience of imaging technologies brought him to the point where he could start helping others make the shift from paper to paperless with the digitization of documents.

Today, ScanHouse employs a top of the line scanning equipment and professionally trained technicians to accomplish the highest quality scanning services.

— While most companies might focus on scanning documents for being able to make more prints, we feel that it still limits the documents to their hard, individual copies. However, technology can allow us to do so much more nowadays.

We wanted to think outside the box and imagine the possibilities: document scanning can truly change the way businesses and organizations operate, and the way information is utilized.


We are excited to be at the cutting edge of the document scanning industry, which is relatively new and growing with possibility. We love being able to provide clients with such unlimited access to their files. This expands the usefulness of documents that used to be limited to single hard copies accessible in one physical location only.

With document scanning you can access your electronic copies from virtually anywhere.

Our industry-grade scanners in Vancouver are not only more advanced in terms of quality and capability, they also handle larger-sized documents than the typical scanner you might find in a typical office or a print shop. We can also transform bound books, historical documents and wide format documents like maps, blueprints or architectural drawings into image files, PDF and other digital formats. This is a service you can only get from a professional scanning company.

Our scanning technicians are also highly trained in digital imaging so your documents will look identical, if not better, than the original copy.

— When we started our scanning company in Vancouver, we had a goal to make large, hard-to-handle documents more accessible and useful by digitizing their medium. Now their reach can be expanded.

Finding a needle in a haystack can be done within minutes, thanks to existing computer search technology that we can integrate into our scanning services.

Alex Shelestov


Of course, our scanning services remove the buildup and clutter of paper documents by giving clients everything they need on a compact thumb drive, external hard drive or online server. Our view is to help individuals and businesses make the transition into an increasingly more paperless world, even though it may sound like a daunting task when you’ve spent decades storing files with paper. We take that burden off your shoulders and make it a seamless process.

We also won’t destroy your originals unless you want us to, so you can make the transition as slowly or as quickly as you like! We have special techniques that can preserve even the most delicate originals.

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