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Why is professional document scanning worth the cost?

Hiring our company to scan your documents is much different than the tedious process of using a do-it-yourself scanner with your computer.

Here's what you get:

We'll save

you enormous time and effort by taking advantage of our high efficient scanners

Our scanners are different from the typical scanner found in an office. As a professional scanning company in Vancouver, our scanning equipment is made specifically for scanning large quantities of documents at high speeds. Their advanced technology also avoids hindrances like paper jams that lower-grade scanners always pose. Compared to the slow process of scanning documents one at a time on your home or office scanner, our services are worth the price just for the time and labour you'll save.

We also handle wide format and large documents that can only be scanned by industry-grade scanners that are made specifically for this purpose.

We'll organize

your scanned documents into computer files, right here in Vancouver!

The option to have your files labeled and organized into digital system is available to you if you choose. You can also have them uploaded to secure online servers for even more accessibility or lock-down. (Note: the pricing of this service will depend on the specific details of your order).

The filing system enables you to find documents with a few clicks on your computer or server, rather than having to rummage through file cabinets full of paper copies that can only be physically accessed in one location. This truly provides the utmost convenience for document handling and administration in a business, and one of the reasons why document scanning is worth its investment.

We'll enhance

your digital copies so they look better than the original!

Our scanning services include the detailed improvement of your digital copies. All your documents are carefully scanned both sides to include the back sides of documents or to skip blank pages. This also includes removing hole punch marks, so your documents look professional. In addition, our machines crop documents to original size, deskew, and rotate in the right direction to read.

In other words the look of your documents will be even higher quality once they are converted into digital format!

All our prices are based on your specific order.
Let's get started:
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