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Written on May 29, 2023

Hi Alex

You’ve gone above and beyond, and it is very much appreciated.

I’m finishing off delivering the print run; one of my customers was the general store, who bought ten. FWIW, it is a true general store – you can get gas, liquor, food (including fresh meat, vegetables, all the staples – also a deli, and fresh baked pizza for takeout), hand and garden tools, car batteries paint, oils and greases, plumbing and electrical supplies, gopher traps, fishing equipment – the whole nine yards. Anyway, I have given your reprint quote to the owner, for him to use as his ‘stock’ requires. It may be a while before he wants some (i.e., after October, maybe next year), but I’m sure he will eventually.

The print on demand quote is fantastic, particularly for the out-of-towners who may want it. I’m not sure how best to handle it – I’ll talk to him in the next few days.

Again, thank you. You really have done much more than you had to, and it is truly appreciated.